FFL Activities in 2013

Friends for Life focuses on their signature event, selling handblown glass votives and ornaments. We are very proud of the fact that each design is inspired by a patient, and we give at least 50% of the sales to research. Many local businesses have started buying our ornaments and votives as "thank you" and holiday gifts. What a great gift - one that gives to research! In 2013, we also participated in Owain Crush Kids Cancer bike ride (Seattle to Portland). We participated in the One Big Kiss at the Ballpark and continue to work closely with the other Seattle Children's Cancer Research Guilds to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer Research.

A Little about Abi

We honor Abi with the 2013 ornaments and votives. Abi can be seen at the beginning of the "Stronger" video. She is also seen "rocking out" at about 2.5 minute mark in the video. Abi was diagnosed at age 15. Two years later, she is well. It has been a long road of complications and healing. Abi and her family feel blessed and very thankful to be past Abi's first year post transplant. Kids fighting Cancer truly exemplify bravery, strength and determination.

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Featured Sponsor

Nike, Friends for Life Sponsor
We are proud to announce our first 2013 Sponsor! Eric and Blair Sprunk. Blair has supported FFL since we started in 2006. She and her daughter visited Natalie in the hospital during treatment. Eric has been a strong supporter of our guild for the past several years! Thank you for supporting Childhood Cancer Research