Declan — 2022

Photo of Declan holding medal
Photo of Declan and his sister

At only 20 months old Declan underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor in May 2017, and one month later he was diagnosed with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, a cancer predisposition syndrome.  Declan has endured 13 brain surgeries, 5 months of harsh chemo, numerous infections, 6 weeks of daily anesthesia/radiation, countless blood draws, MRIs under sedation, hundreds of IVs and blood draws, and 6 failed seizure medications. Recently, in December 2021, he had a right hemispherectomy—a disconnection of the right half of his brain. Declan is now a happy cancer-free 7 year old.

“For now, we are looking forward to normal…” -Erin, Declan’s mother. 

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