Our hope is in the research

Friends for Life Guild was inspired by Natalie in 2006 and is constantly fueled every year by courageous children who have undergone or are going through cancer treatment. To this day, Natalie’s family passionately leads the guild to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital Childhood Cancer Research program. Together, we hope to find a cure and make a difference in the lives of young people battling cancer. 

History of Friends for Life Guild 


In 2006, Friends for Life Guild came up with the idea to sell uniquely designed hand blown glass ornaments that could be inspired by an child ambassador that had or has cancer.  Shortly thereafter, we also decided to add in votives to symbolize our ‘hope’ in the research. We work with a local Washington glass artists to help with the process in designing hand-blown glass ornaments which are as unique as each of our ambassadors. For the past several years, we have been working exclusively with Art by Fire in Issaquah, Washington. Each year we have increased our ornament sales with the help of our loyal customers. All proceeds benefit Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

In 2008, we added a group of dedicated volunteers that represent an Eastern Washington Chapter of the Friends for Life Guild. Also, in 2008, we hosted our first big event at Finaghty’s Pub in Snoqualmie, the Friends for Life Fall Fest.

In 2009, we grew donations by 40% and surpassed our goal of $50,000 in donations; hosted a successful auction at our second annual Finaghty’s Friends for Life Fall Fest, and continued to grow our ornament sales. 

In 2011 and 2012, we held a Beer, BBQ and Casino night at Georgetown Brewery.  We had a fantastic time and we shared information about childhood Cancer.  Our guild mission is to raise funds to support Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital and to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer. We feel very confident that we are doing both.

In 2013, we were blessed to have the support of Slalom Consulting.  Nationwide offices for Slalom purchased over 2300 Emerson votives.  We were able to give Emerson’s doctor $23,000 to fund her Neuroblastoma research.

As of 2019, we have donated just over $400,000 in support of Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  For the past several years, we have been partnering with Strong Against Cancer, Russell Wilson and our strong and beautiful ambassadors Savannah and Lucy to support Dr. Jensen’s research.  In 2019, we supported Hodgkin’s Lymphoma research.  

We continue to focus on our ornament and votive sales, as well as spread the word about Childhood Cancer and the need for research funding.

The statistics are shocking

Children diagnosed with cancer/year in U.S.

Children die from cancer/year in the U.S.

suffer long term side effects from treatment

By the numbers

Total Donations ($)

Ornaments sold

Votives sold

Your donations at work

Watch this video to learn about Dr. Michael Jensen’s immunotherapy approach to cure cancer. This approach is remarkably effective at curing cancer in mice, and the Jensen lab was created to turn this breakthrough into treatments that save children’s lives.

About Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association

Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association is the largest, all-volunteer fundraising network for any hospital in the nation. It serves as an umbrella organization for nearly 500 groups of friends, families, co-workers and community members who donate their time and resources to support Seattle Children’s. Located in Seattle, Washington, Children’s treats children in Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and beyond. The Guild Association has been integral to the success of Children’s for over 100 years. Your participation is essential to our continued success as we move into our second century.