Oliver — 2020


Oliver, a wise and goofy 9 year old, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on February 7, 2018. Oliver and his family’s lives were changed forever. 

They were shocked to learn that standard chemotherapy treatment for ALL takes three and a half years for boys, but took comfort in the fact that cure rates for ALL are usually fairly good. The five-year survival rates for “regular” cases of ALL are around 85% in the US. Seven days later, the family learned that Oliver’s cancer was “low hypodiploid”, a rare and aggressive subtype of leukemia that is difficult to treat. This high risk ALL requires more toxic chemotherapy, and has a higher rate of relapse. Oliver’s classification was switched to Very High Risk. Oliver is currently undergoing treatment with a very positive attitude. 

“I’m glad I’m getting chemo…because if I weren’t, I’d be dying…like, literally dying…and I’d rather be alive.” -Oliver

2020 Oliver Ornament


2020 Oliver Votive