We are pleased to have been featured in the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Guild News in October.

“Fifteen years ago, six words sparked the Friends for Life Guild into being. Since then, [we] have raised over $400,000 for Seattle Children’s pediatric cancer research and increased awareness around childhood cancer.

Dene James’ youngest daughter, Natalie Smith, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when she was just 6 years old. As Dene struggled to make sense of how her first grader could have a cancer more commonly afflicting men in their 50s, she asked Dr. Doug Hawkins if there was anything she could do to help find answers. “The hope is in the research,” he replied. These six words galvanized Dene’s desire to take action. She had seen a “start a guild” poster on the way to and from Natalie’s hospital room and decided to learn more. She asked a few close friends to join her, and they responded with unanimous enthusiasm, forming Friends for Life Guild. Read more at Seattle Children’s Guild News.”